Jacob's Ladder Church Vision

JACOBS’S LADDER MINISTRIES, INC. is a Holy Spirit filled body of Blood washed believers, in the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. A place where the presence of God lives because the Word of God is being taught, preached, and lived. Jacob’s Ladder Ministries, Inc. is a body that believes in the full operation of the gifts and callings of God. The five fold ministry operates out of the powerful spirit of Love that only God gives. There is no jealously or envy present among us for these are actually the spirit of murder. There is only a willingness to show forth the praises of Him who has called us out of darkness and into His marvelous light.

We are victorious. Our new lives with Jesus Christ are everlasting. There will be no returning to physical or mental incarceration for those who truly surrender to God. This church is multiracial/ethnic and trans-denominational with the basis of our beliefs in holy-righteous living. We are Catholic in that this ministry is opened to who so ever will come. We are Baptist because we believe in water baptism in Jesus’ name as a sign to the world that salvation is accepted. We are Presbyterian because we believe in an order of Divine leadership that extends from Jesus to local church leadership. We are Latter-day Saints because we believe that we live in the last days of this dispensation. We are Pentecostal because we believe in the baptism of the Holy Ghost and we know that the Spirit must lead us should we intend to be successful in God. We are Jehovah’s Witnesses because we believe in the Oneness of God from age to age. And we are Apostolic because of our belief in the Apostle’s Doctrine, the authority given to the church according to Ephesians 4:11-16 and our knowledge that Jesus saved us to serve.

We envision a latter day move of the Holy Ghost empowering us to be more than conquerors. Our service to our Lord is impacting every area of our interaction with the community. We will present Jesus to every family, every individual; regardless of socio-economic status, race or color. We shall proclaim Jesus to the young and the old, those fighting to be free from drugs and alcohol, those incarcerated, and those newly released from incarceration. We will advocate for the homeless and the unemployed, the uneducated, and the down trodden and will present Jesus to them all, remembering where we were and where we would be without Him in our lives.

Jacob's Ladder Church of Saginaw Ministries
Sunday Morning Worship Experience:
Exciting praise and worship! The preached Word of God with prophetic influences and inspiration.
Jacob's Ladder Church Sunday School Sunday School:
Standard lessons in a sequential, faith-building pattern designed to assist the student in spiritual growth.
Wednesday Prayer Meetings:
At noon and again at 6:00pm. This “Sweet Hour of Prayer” allows one to pour out to God and receive answers and understanding.
Jacob's Ladder Church of Saginaw Bible Study Bible Study:
Thursday evenings 6:00-8:00pm are devoted to teaching of the Word of God. The pastor specializes in ensuring that the student gets a clear understanding of God’s Word from Genesis to Revelation.
Prayer & Playing for Keeps:
This monthly first weekend session is dedicated to enhancing the spiritual and partnership growth of married couples. Practical teachings as well as fun activities.
Jacob's Ladder Church of Saginaw Prison Ministry Prison Ministry:
Monthly worship services are conducted at the Saginaw Correctional Facility in Freeland, MI. Quarterly baptisms are also held.
Senior Outreach:
Monthly worship services conducted with residents of TenderCare Saginaw. Individual visits and prayer times are available.
Jacob's Ladder Church of Saginaw Warring Women Warring Women:
A special time for women of God to grown in their relationships with each other and with the Lord.